Bamboo Clothing For Sensitive Skin

Did you know that our skin is the largest organ in our bodies? It is critical to our overall health and wellness and deserves special care. Recently, more and more people are complaining of skin sensitivities. There are many different factors that can contribute including skin conditions such as eczema, environmental stressors (pollution, climate, etc) and harsh chemicals.

New Years Resolution: Be Kinder To The Planet And Wear More Sustainable And Ethical Clothing

For the past 30 years, every New Years Resolution has been to eat healthier, go to the gym more and to lose weight. As I get older, I feel like I need to do more. This year I thought I’d be more eco-friendly and make an effort to become a better fashion consumer. I am […]

Why Hemp And Bamboo Clothing Is Perfect For Travel

Effort’s bamboo and hemp clothing are perfect for travel offering the best in comfort, style and breathability. The hemp and bamboo fabrics high rate of absorbency means that perspiration is wicked away from the body allowing us to stay dry and comfortable in the hot and humid weather. And because of its antimicrobial properties, the clothes stayed fresher longer.

Hemp: A More Sustainable Fabric Alternative

In an earlier post I talked about how much more eco-friendly hemp is compared to a few of the most common fabric alternatives, cotton and polyester. You can read about many of the positive attributes of hemp and how cotton and polyester compare here. In this post I’m covering off on some of the inherent issues with a few other very common fabrics. We are very passionate about the virtues of hemp, how much better it is for the environment, and how choosing clothes that use hemp can be a positive step for our planet.