Hemp Fabrics

Effort's Eco-Essentials has been in the hemp textile business, selling hemp fabric and manufacturing hemp and bamboo clothing since 1994.
We carry hemp fabrics in woven and knits, 100% hemp to hemp/organic cotton blends and hemp/silk blends. Our hemp fabric comes in a variety of textures and weights including canvas, twills, muslin, corduroy, denim, jersey, fleece, terry. For a nominal fee, we will send you a swatch kit with small pieces (approximately 1"x1") of each fabric, as well as information about the fabric content, weight & width of the fabric listed. Hemp fabric has been around for centuries, but due to years of misinformation linking it to marijuana there are only a limited number of factories where hemp fabrics are made. While hemp is made from the plant cannabis sativa L, cannabis is a diverse plant species having more then 500 different varieties, and hemp does not possess the psychoactive properties of marijuana. Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, can be used in thousands of different product such as, paper, skin and hair care/cosmetics, food, building materials, plastics, bio-fuel, textiles (or course), fibreglass and much much more. Which is why hemp is the most useful plant in nature....and also the reason it was banned by many governments under the influence of competing corporate interest. Besides being an extremely versatile plant, hemp needs no chemicals to grow because of a dense root system that naturally keeps pests at bay, and it cleans toxins from the soil. And every part of the plant is usable. Effort's Eco-Essentials (est. 1995) was a pioneer in bringing hemp fabric back into Canada for the first time in decades. After spending too many years in exile due to "propaganja" associating it with marijuana, hemp has begun re-establishing itself back into the mainstream. But there is still much more to be done to raise public awareness about the benefits of industrial hemp. Spread the word so hemp can truly be free to do what it always was meant to be - a miraculous gift from nature that can supply the world with green eco-friendly products of all kinds and help the earth breath easy again.