Golf Shirts

Looking for a top quality hemp golf shirt? At Effort’s Eco-Essentials, we provide a variety of quality men's hemp golf, polo and rugby shirts at reasonable prices!
Effort's Eco-Essentials quality hemp shirts are durable, they absorb moisture, they are anti-microbial and breathable. Hemp has a great ratio of heat capacity, giving it superior insulation properties, keeping you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Hemp shirts soften with each washing without fibre degradation. From T-shirts, to button shirts to golf/polo shirts in long or short sleeve or sleeveless T's, we have your top covered. All the clothing is 55% hemp with 45% cotton as it's the most comfortable combination to wear and moving forward we are using only organic cotton for our blends. Through our years of experienced we know that 100% hemp has a coarse and uncomfortable feel, but when you combine it with the proper mix of cotton it is extremely soft, comfortable and durable. Our hemp t-shirts are a medium weight and have a natural texture, our buttoned shirts have a linen-like feel and our golf shirts are a pique, a medium weight and tightly woven fabric with a waffle weave texture. Effort's Eco-Essentials (est. 1994) is the pioneer in bring hemp fabric and clothing into Canada and one of the first to introduce bamboo clothing. Made in Canada has been a priority for us to grow and we have been successful in doing so. We've been mindful of how things fit, and we are always making improvements and upgrades to our collection of clothing. It's always good to check the size chart for each item to find your proper fit.