Bamboo Clothing

Effort's Eco-Essentials provide a variety of quality women's bamboo clothing at affordable prices for the eco-conscience.
Effort's Eco-Essentials bamboo clothing is some of the softest clothing you'll ever wear. From the time we introduced our bamboo line, it has been an undeniable hit. Both men & women are hooked on it, and you will be too! From T-shirts to pants to cardigans/sweaters, you can be covered in what we like to call "the ahhhhhhh factor". We continue to expand our well-made bamboo collection and the majority of our line is now proudly made in Canada. Bamboo clothing is made from the bamboo plant (a grass) which grows quickly, absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the air. It requires little water and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo fabric is considered a rayon, which is why we describe it on our tags and in our website description as "rayon from bamboo". Bamboo fabric is considered a semi-synthetic because it goes thru a chemical process to transform a hard wood into a soft fabric. There are clear advantages to choosing bamboo as a fabric – both in terms of the quality of the experience and the impact on the environment from the manufacturing process – when considering mainstream alternatives such as polyester and acrylics which are fossil fuel based, and require plenty of water, chemicals and energy to produce. Bamboo clothing is truly the “feel good” alternative. Effort's Eco-Essentials (est. 1994) was one of the first companies to bring bamboo clothing into Canada and we continue to expand our collection for men and women. We use a variety of different blends of bamboo fabrics for the line, from bamboo/organic cotton for an array of T-shirts, nightgowns, robes, boxer shorts and men's yoga pants to adding spandex for fitted T's and bamboo/spandex for our beloved leggings, dresses, active shorts, mini skirts and more! Wear our bamboo clothing and feel the luxurious comfort of some of the softest fabrics available, and enjoy the convenience that comes with a washable, easy-care wardrobe.