Hemp Clothing

Effort's Eco-Essentials provide a variety of quality women's hemp clothing at affordable prices for the eco-conscience.
Women's hemp clothing is available in an array of styles, colours and types of hemp fabric, from jersey for T-shirts of different sleeve lengths to jersey with spandex for leggings and yoga pants to muslin for shirts and dresses to fleece for hoody's and jackets. Hemp clothing has a long history. As one of the many uses for the hemp plant, hemp textiles have been used for centuries. Over time, we have found that making our hemp clothing using 55% hemp/45% organic cotton blend results in the most comfortable combination to wear. Not only is hemp fabric a natural product, it is also durable, anti-microbial, has a high UV factor, and it also has superior isolative properties, helping one be cool in the heat & warm in the cold. The hemp plant does not require herbicides or pesticides, puts nutrient and nitrogen products back into the soil and adds oxygen into the air. There are thousands of uses for hemp that have unfortunately been unrealized/squashed due to the propaganda of old associating it with it's cousin cannabis, which was used to make it illegal to grow. Thankfully, the enormous benefit of hemp are again becoming more well known, and it's use is once again opening up. Hemp can be made into paper, plastics, used for construction material, automobiles, bio-fuel, skin and hair care, food.......and the list goes on and on. At Effort's Eco-Essentials (est. 1995) we are proud to be the pioneer of re-introducing hemp textiles into Canada, and we were also one of the first to introduce bamboo clothing. The durability of hemp fabric can sometimes be a challenge for us. We get calls and e-mails from customers that had previously bought a shirt and have said, "it's been several years since I bought my hemp shirt and I think I should get a new one now" So we try to have an array of colours and styles so you can have a wardrobe of long-lasting hemp clothing in your closet. It's also why we make essential hemp clothing - items that stay in style and leave the disposable fossil fuel based clothing to others.